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18 October 2017 @ 01:16 am
because, like, we don't have enough hobbies  
We garden. We grow fruits and veg. We have chooks and cows and honeybees.

But, obviously, some of those will inevitably be problematic, so let's have MORE HOBBIES!

First, a glasshouse. That is DB's lifelong dream. She can raise seedlings, and cuttings, and grafts, and... Yep. We've ordered a glasshouse. The biggest one you can buy. I can't wait to see it. (Though my back will probably have something to say about hefting over half a ton of glass....)

Next, bees. Honeybees are great, but if the neighbours stick a couple hundred hives next door (which they did), and manage them very badly (which they did), such overstocking leads to everyone's failure (which it did). So, leaf cutter bees. They don't make honey, but they (apparently) pollinate like mad. I'm getting fifty leaf cutter bees, in cocoons, as my birthday present. And DB is making houses for them. Cooliebars!

Finally, a potager. Because the glasshouse is going to take up most of the back garden, so the front garden (currently lawn-needing-constantly-mown and land-of-dog-poop) is going to get fenced off, with some raised beds (nicely symmetrical, and pretty!) to grow veg. Yay! That's my lifelong dream.

I REALLY need to retire to keep up with all this.....


(Not that I'm counting or anything....)