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25 December 2017 @ 05:22 pm
And So This Is Christmas...  
...which is a holiday we don't celebrate. But it is one of several days off work, so WOOHOO!

However, I do fervently hope for peace on Earth, and good will towards humanity. This may or may not require the spontaneous combustion of Trumplethinskin.

It's hot here -- 90-ish, mix of sun and cloud, and humid. The garden and greenhouse are loving it, though some rain would be welcome. We're having one of a few quiet days at home since it's the holiday season. I did some thistle-chopping and bramble-whacking today, moved the hose around on the pumpkin vines, and...yeah, that's about it. Lazy is good. Just us, the dog, the cats, the chickens, the cows, and the bees.

Dinner tonight: beefsteak for me (because I have been diagnosed with stage 2 iron deficiency anaemia due to a weird bio-availability problem, bleh*), and scallops for DB (because she loves them, I'm allergic to them, and I found a dozen in the freezer that the neighbours gave us from their last fishing holiday up north). I don't really grok scallops, so I'm hedging my bets by cooking them three ways: skewered with bacon and broiled with a drizzle of lime sauce; crumbed with breadcrumbs, fresh herbs, and Parmesan; and baked in a Gruyere cheese, garlic, and cream sauce. At least one of them should work!

Plus steamed veg, fresh from the garden: asparagus, zucch/courgette, and cauli/broc. Because they're full of iron.

* **** there is not enough onions and garlic in the world to make liver palatable****. Chicken livers, yeah okay, I can do pate' and enjoy a bit of it with some cheese and crackers. Lamb liver is pretty gag-worthy, even with heaps of fried onions. Beef or pig liver, which are apparently the highest of all in iron, I don't even want to try. But liver in general has got 4 - 5 times more iron than beef, so..... yeah, gotta do my best to eat that shit, at least until my GP can sort things out and get me shots or infusions or something.

Also, it's dead embarrassing to have IDA when you actually teach haematology at Uni to third year clinical med lab students and tell them that IDA is the most common micro-nutrient deficiency and it's the most common form of anaemia and it's largely preventable and... yeah. I hang my head in shame.
Malkin Greymalkingrey on December 26th, 2017 03:10 pm (UTC)
Liver is like calimari, aka squid -- the line between delectable and shoe leather (or, in the case of squid, rubber bands) is so fine as to be missed by most cooks. I include myself in that number, and most restaurants as well, so when I find a place that can do them right, I hug it to my heart.

The best liver I ever had was in what was possibly the only working-class restaurant left in Newport, Rhode Island, where the cooking was of Portuguese extraction via New England. The experience of best fried chicken livers is a toss-up between the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee, and the dining room of a third-rate cheap hotel in Newport News, Virginia, where the USS Plymouth Rock was putting up its junior officers while the ship was in drydock for six months.

Edited at 2017-12-26 03:17 pm (UTC)
horace_hamsterhorace_hamster on December 26th, 2017 06:44 pm (UTC)
I can cook it all right -- DB loves the stuff, and says mine tastes great. But I just purely dislike the taste. It seems to be one of those love-it or hate-it foods.

Chicken livers aren't too bad, but lamb or calf liver...blech.