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26 December 2017 @ 03:58 pm
2 for 2!  
#1: Rain! Lovely, soft, gentle, constant, ground-soaking rain. What a great Boxing Day!

#2: 3-way scallops were a hit, with one being particularly great. Crumbed with breadcrumbs, Parmesan, and chopped fresh herbs: 7/10. Skewered on smoked bacon, broiled, with a spritz of fresh lime juice: 8/10. Baked in a mornay (sp?) sauce of milk, cream, flour, garlic, and grated Gruyere with a last-minute grating of pepper: 10/10. DB was VERY happy with her Xmas dinner.

Steak and steamed cauli/zucch wasn't bad on my end, either. And the dog enjoyed the leftovers. (Except for the home-made two year old plum mead, of which there were no leftovers. I drank the whole bottle ::hangs head in shame::. The colour had gone from purple to amber, and the taste had gone from sweet and fruity to OMG THIS IS EFFING AWESOME .)

The best bit? I've convinced DB that shells are not re-usable, so if she wants scallops mornay again, we need to go to the beach to collect more seashells for me to bake the mussels in. WIN!!!!!!

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