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20 May 2018 @ 07:51 pm
May in NZ brings cold, wind, rain, and gloom. They've all arrived with a vengeance.

We got a new freezer -- yay! -- though sadly not new beef to fill it with. We'll be eating a lot of chicken this year, and somehow I will need to sort out the time, energy, and know-how to get one or both of my cows preggers.

We also have a sort-of-new Great Dane. We pretty much fell over with the loss of our big girl, so the breeders offered to loan us, and then forever-loan us, her sister, who they'd re-acquired due to some abuse issues. New girl is sadly overweight and has arthritis because of that, but she is so sweet and loving and awesome that I hope she lives with us forever. We've got her on a weight-loss diet including analgesics for her shoulders, fish-oil supplemented dog food, and heaps of steamed calorie-free veggies from our garden. And we're actively looking for a puppy -- preferably another Dane, but otherwise anything big and Dane-substitute-ish.

Work chum is doing well on a tyrosine kinase inhibitor drug; it won't cure the cancer, but it should knock it on the head and keep her largely symptom free for years. We're hoping years, plural; five or more would be great. Meanwhile I contribute to her ongoing health by bullying her into more exercise, and cooking her dinner five nights a week to make sure she keeps up with proper nutrition. Apparently I'm a good cook. She says she should have got cancer years ago :)

Work continues to suck, but on the up side I recently attended graduation and got to watch my erstwhile students walk across the stage, first class honours and all that, followed by a parade (I snaggled the rainbow flag to wave, of course), general hugging and yay-ing, and a dinner afterwards. The restaurant was, as per my prior experience, grossly slow, overpriced, and below-average in quality despite being the 'best' restaurant in town. But we had fun anyhow, and I sneaked away early and paid for all my ex-students' dinners as a treat. They were blown away. Apparently that's not the kind of thing boring snobby superior university faculty do. But I do, and so everyone was happy. And now they owe me favours :D
Malkin Greymalkingrey on May 20th, 2018 03:21 pm (UTC)
Yay for the new freezer! Maybe you know somebody with excess beef who'd trade for your excess chicken?

(Up here in the wild northeast, the general solution would be to get a deer license and a thirty-ought-six and go huntin'. But I don't think that would work in NZ.)
horace_hamsterhorace_hamster on May 21st, 2018 07:51 pm (UTC)
There is actually a fair amount of deer and boar hunting in NZ, but I'm not into it myself. We do have some venison in the freezer, thanks to a friend of a friend who shot some wild deer on his farm, and some lamb as well, so we aren't going to starve. It's just that I really like beef!