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28 October 2018 @ 08:45 pm
Being in the Southern hemisphere, we're back-arsewards to the rest of the world. Here, it's late spring. And my new potager (kitchen garden) is exceeding even my fondest hopes.

It's walled off, so it keeps the chooks out. (I let the dogs 'help' me until today, when Satan-puppy decided to help himself to my ripe strawberries. He is now blackballed forevermore.) The cats aren't interested, and the cattle can't get near it. So other than the berry-thief, all should be well.

All of my tiny little veggies, from carrots to peas to beans to zukes to tomatoes to leeks, are perky and happy. A few months from now, they will be bursting into ripeness, and my cup of happiness will overflow. Meanwhile, I'm pretty danged content. It's glorious just to sit and look at all the burgeoning yummies.

I'll be espaliaring fruit trees (two lemons, limes, nectarines, and peaches each) around the garden, to match the espaliared pip-fruits (two pears, two cherries, and three apples) espaliered up the driveway, to try and make things more productive. The potager also has blueberries and raspberries, along with asparagus, as perennials to match up with the various annuals I'll be growing.

I love gardening. I'll love it even more when I'm retired and have time to keep it all under control :D

And then there is the day job... 'nuf said.... Crikey, I hate said day job.
Malkin Greymalkingrey on October 29th, 2018 02:31 pm (UTC)
Gardening is one of those things, like housecleaning, that I wish I'd gotten the gene to be good at, or at least (in the case of housekeeping) to be able to tolerate it without going screaming mad from boredom.

My mother had the gardening -- she didn't go into her final decline until she wasn't able to get her fingers into the dirt and plant things any more -- but she kept house out of a sense of duty, and never did manage to indoctrinate me with that.

(Reason one why I hate housekeeping: It's dead boring. Reason two: It doesn't stay done once you've done it. And reason three: It's one of those jobs that nobody ever notices except when you screw it up, and I swore a mighty oath years ago to get involved with as few of those as possible.)
horace_hamsterhorace_hamster on November 3rd, 2018 06:26 am (UTC)
Housekeeping: we both suck. Not only is it boring, but both our mothers were fanatics; enough to turn us the total opposite. We are in total agreement with you.

Gardening: if we grow it, we eat it. If we don't, we don't. It's a danged good incentive!